Radiohuset Sham marriages – the wind blows not only from the SaharaArchive of Czech radio Radio Prague the Increase in the number of target marriage without the intention of creating a family, according to representatives of the Police for foreigners, due to the destabilization of Northern Africa. The Arabs, driven by such intentions, often turning their sights on European tourists, older or young girls, recently interrupted an intimate relationship with his friend.

Practice resorted to by young men from North Africa, described, Ladislav Hires from the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Tunisia. “Working in hotels animators aged 20 to 30 years often are members quasicriminal groups, which share the “tricks” to lure Europeans in their networks. Someone was playing the love at first sight, someone endows a woman of no value “family jewels” and the like. Often very young boys preparing for a career seducer under the guidance of someone older”.

Czech tourists are returning, mainly from Tunisia, Algeria or Egypt so that they begin to have serious relationships with local men, so they are going to get married and going to live in the Czech Republic. A significant number of such marriages do not perform their functions, and these men subsequently disappear from the territory of the Czech Republic. This year we have registered twenty such cases in respect of which criminal proceedings were instituted on suspicion of involvement in the fictitious marriage. Monthly from 18 to 20 similar cases suspicion are reviewed

Photo: Public Domain says the head of analytical Department of the Police for foreigners Vladimir Takacs. Despite the fact that these men do not live with cercami in one apartment, women claim to see them once a month, and they say, this is enough. The truth about the true nature of the relationship women reveal in most cases, only when escaped from them husbands breaking anything – for example, will seriously owe, and the law enforcement agencies will implement measures to recover accrued liabilities. More chances to know the truth from suspects, the investigators appears in the case when the woman entered into a marriage solely for selfish motives.

Is gym shoes from socially weak segments of the population, source of income which are exclusively social benefits. They receive at the conclusion of such fake marriage from 30 to 50 thousand CZK (about 1825 Euro) and are silent about this fact. Subsequently, this results in their criminal prosecution for fraud, said Vladimir Takacs.

In 2011, the police of the Czech Republic failed to disclose the activities of the Czech-Nigerian criminal groups consisting of eleven men, which became the mediator of 27 conclusion of marriages. A group from Prague was led by a Nigerian.

How many sham marriages themselves are guilty of gym shoes?

Illustrative photo: Archive of Czech radio Radio Prague nevertheless, in Prague multicultural environment, there are many who warns that one should not mix indiscriminately migrants seeking at any cost to flee their country, and foreigners, including Africans, who build their personal relationship with the Czech partners of sincere love and respect. This discourse is constructed on the basis of not so convincing in the number of cases that relate only to one or two nationalities, while not comparative statistics in relation to other nationalities and does not appear accurate statistics on what percentage of marriages of the total number are responsible themselves Czechs, says our interlocutor Carolina novotná from Prague.

– I have many Czech friends who live in civil or in a registered marriage with a foreigner, but I don’t think that among such unions it is possible to observe a significant deviation from accepted society norms of interpersonal relations. In all these cases, national-mixed marriages I see positive examples of how both partners equally good care of their descendants. And foreigners often even better care for children than, say, ethnic Czechs, because this concern stems from their adoption of traditional values of the local culture, when the head of the family is required to provide. Often it is in their face we see exemplary partners, and they give warmth and love not only their own descendants, but children and wife from a previous marriage,

concludes novotná, believing, that in this case we are probably dealing with a cliché of innocent victims is forced on us by the media.