We communicate, but a serious relationship is not working.Was not against my relations with other women, but that didn’t hide anything from her and even told them in detail how it went, even though it is exciting, but at the same time from the meeting refused, saying to her that she is not ready yet, often nervous considering that I that it is not telling us, from these nerves and the truth and telling too much desire did not arise, I’m not “lived large” out of town only for one woman and then she knew! Was jealous of the former woman, although we really never was. In the end I decided for myself that I 100% want to meet and start a serious relationship, if it was me, I decided to stop any close relationships with women, who even had a good relationship and could go to just sit. Continue reading

Serious relationship: how to understand what it is theyIn the majority of relationships go through a phase of testing, when both partners are not sure that they have the same feelings for each other and that they are equally assess the status of their relationship. This period and joyful, and at the same time emotionally complex. You discover another person may fall in love with him, but still not fully confident, serious relationship or not.

However, there is a certain time when you can relax and know that your relationship is real and there is no indication that they will suddenly break. This is the moment when you can feel much calmer. And while many things remain vague and uncertain, you know, at what stage are you and your partner. That is, the relationship becomes serious. Continue reading

A serious relationship? Caution sloppy man!Quite often it happens that women begin a serious relationship with those gentlemen who have already shown their bad side. Often, these partners don’t even want to change anything in their behavior and attitude towards women. And if at first it can be regarded as a man’s desire to experience the love of a woman (if she loves you, so will endure), it then becomes like that person just doesn’t want to live differently, if only to continue to torment favorite with his antics.

You chose a disorderly man who may say that he loves you, but in fact isn’t even a respect towards you. Any psychologist would say that deeds are the evidence of how it applies to you. So if you want not to be deceived and to clearly understand the feelings of your partner, just look at how he comes with you. Not very easy to get along with, insults, and when people even jokes? Think, does a man like you and can he be your defence? Serious can it be applied? Continue reading

One of these days Rukhshon decided to go to his mother Rahim immediately offered to accompany her. When they returned, the girl ran into a public toilet located on the territory of the nearest school. Rahim decided to follow her. Here and there was their first communication. According to Mutebi, she tried to scream, but he her hand covered her mouth and painfully squeezed his hands. After that incident, she cried and threatened to tell his father. Rahim calmed the girl and said to marry her. Home never knew about anything. In recognition of Mutebi, he was the first man in her life. Agree, from the mouths of 12 year old girls such recognition sounds a bit shocking. Continue reading

Serious relationship or not?Signs of a serious relationship or is it a game?

How to find a guy for permanent relationship

All the people on Earth tend to build connection and lasting relationship, create a family, to live in marriage and happily ever after. It is necessary to understand why some get to have a lasting relationship, and others like fleeting frivolous communication, and it mostly concerns men, as woman, as mother, more you want to purchase a serious relationship and create a family.

Men are not for family

On my journey in life a woman meets a lot of men, and you should understand what Dating for a serious relationship should have, and which must be got rid of and run aimlessly, because these links will only wear you out and bring disappointment and tears.

There are types of men who need to know in person and not appropriate to get them in a serious relationship. This is fans games or “bad guys” – such men love to conquer a woman’s heart, and having regard rather to the collection. For them in order to demand sex on the first date or get a girl to suffer because this man first loves and admires herself and he is unlikely to bring anyone happiness and care – after all, the most important and loved person in his life is he. Continue reading

Serious relationship or desire that always true?One friend of mine really wanted to have a serious relationship . But here’s the thing, all the men she came across, melted in the morning after the close of the first. And Faith alone. She always told me, but I’m not one of those who prefers sex at one time, and to me that’s exactly what happens… It is to this day one, but a serious relationship is on the horizon and not planned…

Serious relationship, or a wish…

Actually, is not so much about the seriousness in the relationship, but about the desire to have such. Judge for yourself who you want to become a toy in the hands of men, to be thrown up in the morning in bed after a rough night . That’s right – nobody. People WANT a gentle romantic relationship, love for life . We VERY MUCH want, that we are consumed by it. The paradox? Does! The fact is that, first and foremost, you need to learn to want. Is only correct to say “I want a serious relationship!”, and they always will be! Continue reading